Understanding Financing Terms

Three Ways To Creatively Finance Plastic Surgery

Getting plastic surgery is not considered a necessity. For this reason, nearly all insurances will not cover any sort of elective procedure. If you are 100% sure that you want to invest in plastic surgery, the first thing that you will need to do is secure the financing for this project. If you do not currently have a savings account with all of the money that you need, you may need to g= about a little creative financing. Here are three ways to finance your cosmetic surgery when you want the procedure badly. 

Get loan approval same day

If you want to schedule your cosmetic surgery for as soon as possible, apply for loans immediately. It is best to seek out financing options that offer same day loan approval so that you can immediately gain the funds to schedule your surgical procedure. Same day approval means quick funding, which allows you to plan your budget, healing, and after surgery expenses before you go under the knife. 

Take a loan on all of your assets

Most people have assets that they may not even remember. Take an accounting on pen and paper of everything that you own of value. This may be jewelry, a home that you own, a vehicle, and your stock holdings. Once you have a list of all of these assets, determine which will be quickest to use as collateral to get an immediate loan. You may be easily able to get a loan using your vehicle or your home as collateral. Fine jewelry with a decent value can also net you a large amount of money. Be sure to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line for the loan so that you know how much it takes to recoup your collateral and how long you have. 

Push back your responsibilities for a month 

One of the best ways to finance your surgery is your own salary. Unfortunately, having responsibilities can make this difficult. To finesse your way out of bills and into your best body, find a way to push back your responsibilities for the month. Rent out your place to a person who needs a sublet for the month in order to get out of rent and utilities. Offer your car up for rideshare rental programs in order to get help paying the car note and insurance. If you have loans and other necessary payments, pay the minimums on these or figure out if you can put them on pause for one month. By getting out of paying your regular bills for just one month, you may find that the money you need for surgery is right in your account at the end of the 30 days. 

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