Understanding Financing Terms

How Someone Can Jump Bail And Have Their Bail Bond Revoked

Has a friend or family member asked you for help getting them out of jail? If so, you may be tempted to get a bail bond to help facilitate their early release. However, be aware that you could be responsible for paying back the bail bond in full if the person you are helping jumps bail. By understanding how you could be responsible for paying back the bail bond, you'll know if bail bonds are a risk you are willing to take.

Not Showing Up To Court

The purpose of paying bail is to allow somebody to get out of jail prior to their court date. The bail amount is used as collateral to ensure the person returns, and it can be lost if they decide to not show up for their court date. If the accused person does not have their own money on the line, they may not realize the consequences of not returning to court.

When getting a bail bond for somebody else, it's important that you stay on top of them returning to court. Make sure that you know the day and time of the court date, and do what you can to ensure that they show up.

Committing a Crime

Being out of jail does not mean that the person can return to their life of crime. In fact, they need to be on their best behavior during their time out of jail to ensure they are not arrested again. If the person commits another crime, they will have their bail revoked for not following the terms of their release.

Only you can judge the character of the person you are helping. If they are a good person and you know they will stay out of trouble, getting back the bail should not be a problem.

Violating Specific Conditions of Bail

You should be aware of what conditions will be put on a person when they are released from jail. For instance, they may not be allowed to leave the state, or they must stay away from the person they are accused of committing a crime against. These are conditions that are easy to violate, and if the defendant is not fully aware of the consequences, those conditions may be ignored.

These are just a few ways that bail could be revoked. If you find yourself in a situation where bail was revoked, speak to your bondsman about the process of bail remission, which can help you get back the money that was forfeited.