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Reasons A Bail Bond Agency Can Revoke Your Bond

When you are arrested and charged with a crime, a bond amount is typically set. By posting bond, you are allowed to get out of jail until your trial is concluded. This allows you to continue working, meeting your obligations and working on your defense. But, in some cases, after bond has been posted, a bail bond agency may revoke your bond and you could wind up going back to jail. Before you post bond, always find out the reasons why a bail bond agency can revoke your bond. Here are three reasons why your bond may be revoked. 

The Courts Ordered It 

The most common reason why your bond can be revoked is because the courts ordered the bond revocation. When you are released on bond, the courts require you to stay out of trouble and attend your court hearings. They may also place requirements on you, such as wearing a monitoring bracelet or getting drug tested. If you get new charges, fail a drug test or miss court, the courts can order that your bond be revoked and you be remanded back into custody. 

You Broke the Terms of Your Bond Release

Another reason why your bond can be revoked is because you broke the terms of your release issued by your bail bondsman. When you are released a bail bondsman can place restrictions on you. Many require you to check in with them often, obtain employment and remain in the city or county that you reside. If you go out of town without telling the bondsman or stop checking in with them, they reserve the right to revoke your bond and send you back to jail.

Your Co-Signer Wants Off the Bond

The last reason why a bail bond agency can revoke your bond is because your co-signer wants off of the bond. However, there are restrictions as to when and why this can happen. When someone co-signs a bail bond for you, they are financially responsible for the bond amount. If they feel threatened by you, are worried you may skip out on the bond or are worried about your well-being, they may ask for the bond to be revoked. The bail bond agency must be satisfied that they have a legitimate reason to revoke your bond before they can arrest you. If your bond is revoked for this reason, you will have the option of getting another co-signer in order to remain free. 

When you are released on bond, both the courts and the bail bond company may require you to follow certain rules to remain free. Always carefully read these conditions and follow them. This helps to ensure that your bond will not be revoked and you can remain free until your trial concludes.