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How To Find Active Warrants

If the court issues a warrant for you, the police can find you at anytime and take you to jail. They might come to your home or job looking for you. They can also arrest you if they pull you over for speeding. To avoid the embarrassment of getting arrested at a bad time, you might want to turn yourself in if you have a warrant. How do you know if you have one, though? Here is an explanation of how you can know if there is one for you.

Look Up Your Court Records

Many counties and states have databases that record all the criminal cases in the area. These sites allow you to search by name or court docket number, and you can see if your name is attached to a warrant. This information is public knowledge. Therefore, you should be able to find it online, but some areas do not use online databases. You could contact your local court to find out, though. You may need to contact the court that issued the warrant to receive the information. If you are not sure where the warrant is from, you might want to call several courthouses. You can also look online through warrant search databases. These databases are not necessarily court-based sites, but they generally have the same information.

Call a Bail Bond Company

Did you also know that you can call a bail bond company to learn this information? Bail bond companies offer services to people who need help getting out of jail. When you ask a bail bond company, they can offer several things. First, they can help you find out if there is a warrant. They know how to find this out, no matter where the warrant is from.

Secondly, they can help you work out your bail arrangements. If you have a warrant, you will eventually need to turn yourself in to the jail. You should not procrastinate when doing this, though. Instead, you should work on it right away. If you work through a bail bond agent, they can help you come up with the money you need to bail yourself out after going to the jail for your warrant.

What to Do If You Have a Warrant

If you use any of these options and discover an active warrant, you should do two things. First, gather the money you need to pay the bail. Secondly, turn yourself in at the correct jail.

Contact a company that offers warrant searching services to learn more.