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Arranging Bail For A Loved One: What You Should Know Before You Go

It's not the kind of phone call you want to get from a loved one. However, when your help is needed to arrange bail, you need to know what to do. Read on for some simple directions that will have your loved one free from jail in a short time.

Gather Information

The bail bonding agent will need to know some basic facts about the charges and more. If you don't already have the information, phone the jail so that you can provide the bail agent with the following information:

  • The inmate's full name
  • Their charges
  • The full amount of the bail
  • The location they are being held

Don't worry, you won't need to pay the entire amount of the bail. That is why bail bonding agencies are so great. Your loved one can be out of jail for a percentage of the full cost of the bail. Most bail agencies are happy to provide you with what you will need to pay over the phone when you give them the information.

When you call the bail bonding agency, find out what forms of payment they accept. Some only accept cash or money orders and others will take a check or credit cards. You should also get directions to the office. Many bail bonding offices are located near the jail or courthouse. Find out about parking too. You may already be anxious and knowing things ahead of time can make you feel calmer.

What to Know About Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a promise between the court system, your loved one, and the bail bonding agency. The bail charged by the court is guaranteed by the bail bond agency. They agree to pay the full bail cost if the defendant (your loved one) fails to appear for their court hearings. If that occurs, the loss is passed on to the person that paid the bail bond. If you suspect that your loved one won't return for court, think twice before you pay for their bail bond. You could be liable for paying the full cost of the bail in addition to the bail bond cost if your loved one skips bail.

Bail bond agencies are happy to explain everything you need to know about bail bonds. They are friendly and understand how stressful things are for you now. To learn more, phone a local bail bond company and find out more.

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