Understanding Financing Terms

Bail Bond Financing

The bond amount that is set by a judge could be too steep for you to pay upfront. If you are seeking the release of a loved one, acquiring bail bond financing may be necessary. A bail bondsman will pay your family member's bond and you will be supplied with repayment terms that you may be able to comfortably afford. 


Many bail bond companies offer repayment plans that are based on a client's unique financial status. There may be some criteria that you will need to fulfill, prior to being granted approval for a payment plan. A bail bond company may specify that a client needs to be gainfully employed and make a set amount of money on a monthly or annual basis. Some companies may require a client to have decent credit and lack a criminal background.

Often, a bail bond company will allow a client to apply for a repayment plan that will include a cosigner. If you are not granted approval for a repayment plan, you may want to consider asking a family member or friend to cosign the bond loan. This will usually require that the cosigner fulfills the same criteria that was originally given to you. 

Repayment Plan Details

Repaying a bond loan is essential. A bondsman will provide you with financing details, which you must agree to. The bond loan approval process must be conducted in its entirety, prior to a bondsman aiding with the release of your loved one. They may impose an interest fee, which will need to be paid in full. First, your bondsman will outline the total cost of the bond loan. You may need to make a down payment on the original bond amount that a judge has set for your loved one.

Once this amount is paid, the remaining principal will typically need to be paid back in installments. The bondsman will let you know which dates you will be responsible for making payments. Part of the interest that you owe may be included in your recurring payments.

Be mindful that if you fall behind on paying back the bond loan, the bondsman has the right to revoke your loved one's bond. If this occurs, your loved one will be faced with going back to jail. If you can't make your payments on time, it is in your best interest to contact the bondsman and attempt to negotiate with them.

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